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Making Moments Matter

Dec 26, 2020

Looking at photographs and reflecting on precious moments, I smile and recall some moments with joy, some with sadness, others with regret.  How quickly each moment comes and goes, be it joyful, sad, challenging or other.  The moment is the moment, sometimes we are in it and sometimes not.  


I recall a horse riding lesson some years ago now with my horse Esperanza - In the lesson, the riding coach (Jose Mendez) pointed out that I was ahead of the horse and needed to be with her, in the moment and not ahead of her.  A wise observation and important lesson.


 At the time, I was curious.... How could I not be with her and be ahead of her while we are together?  Reflecting after the lesson, I noticed I was ahead and although we were together, my mind was cluttered with many thoughts.  I was always rushing, always thinking, always looking ahead and many times missing the joy of being in the moment.  


With awareness came a commitment to be in the moment.  It felt unfamiliar, almost indulgent and sometimes uncomfortable.  Over time I noticed more and more how choosing to be in the moment, shifted experiences on many levels and the more I did it, the easier it became.  What stood out was how automatically we operate and how easily this leads to missing moments that matter.  


Make your moments count.  Notice, be curious and ask yourself, are you ahead, behind or stuck somewhere else.  We are all capable of transforming experiences and no one has to do this alone.


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